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Some of the Best Vacuum Under 200 $ –  Better robotic, hand-held, upright  bagged/bagless models 2018

Who does not like bargain shopping? This time we’ll talk about the best vacuum under 200 $ .

We recently published a list of “Best Vacuum Cleaners of 2018 at a Price Below $100,” and it turned out to be very popular. The list included vacuum cleaners, which were very affordable, but the price of $100 excluded some good models. The shift of the price barrier to $200 allowed us to include devices that have slightly better characteristics in the list: they have more functions, and also a long service life. These vacuums are more upscale than models for $100.

Factors that can accurately meet your needs

Before you figure out which vacuum cleaner is best to buy, you need to pay attention to some factors that can accurately meet your needs. Such factors are:

  • Power. You must choose a device with strong suction.
  • Maneuverability. When selecting a vacuum cleaner, you should pick one that can reach any part of your home.
  • Goal. Think about why you are buying a vacuum cleaner; You need it for daily quick cleaning or other purposes.
  • Practicality. Your vacuum cleaner should be able to clean and collect dirt from all surfaces and corners of your home;
  • Buying a separate vacuum cleaner for each surface – expensive and impractical

Our “list of the best vacuum cleaners in 2018 at a Price of $200” includes five vacuum cleaners that perfectly handle any dirt, cleans all types of surfaces, including carpets, with a pile of different lengths, and also penetrates into every corner of your house.

The list consists of such models:

  • Black and Decker BDH2000PL MAX 20
  • Dyson V6 Trigger
  • Hoover Linx BH50010
  • Shark Rocket Upright HV 302

We chose these models based on their characteristics, performance, consumer ratings and cost.

You can buy a product that fully meets your needs and standards, and will also help you save a few bucks so that you can spend it on other necessary things.

The purchase of a quality vacuum cleaner does not necessarily mean spending a lot of money.

If you have an extra $200, it is better to invest it in a worthy purchase – a quality vacuum cleaner that is guaranteed to provide you and your home with cleanliness.

Best Vacuums under 200 $ in 2018

OUR Rank55555
Model  Black and Decker BDH2000PL MAX 20 Dyson V6 Trigger  ECOVACS DEEBOT N78  Hoover Linx BH50010Shark Rocket Upright HV 302
Reviewbest vacuums under 200 review Read Full Reviewreview best robot vacuum under 200 review best upright vacuum under $200 review best pet hair vacuum under $200 review
Can be used oncar,spot cleaner,clean up areas where large vacuum useless , daily cleaning tight spaces, clean stairs and upholstery or vacuum out the car all types of floors because it can mop, sweep and vacuumcleans your carpet and hard floors without the hassle of power cordscarpet and hard floors
Cordless/Cord LengthYes 20-volt lithium ion batteryYes 20 minsYes 110min work timeYes 18 Volt batteryNo 30 feet
Motorized brushNoNoNo dual side brushYes on/off switchYes
Filter3-stage filtration,Washable filterWashable lifetime filterMultiple Filtration SystemReplaceableWashable
AttachmentsNoCrevice tool,Combination Tool3D cleaning system accessory,Protection card,Washable Mop with plate,Advanced cleaning mop with water reservior,Measuring cup,Cleaning Solution(Bottle)NoDusting Brush ,Duster Crevice ,TruePet Mini Motorized Brush ,Under Appliance Wand ,Accessory Bag
Power35 AW100 AWN/AN/A600W
Weight3.0 lbs 3.4lbs9.7lb7.3 pounds9.9 pounds (with floor tool and wand),3.5 pounds (hand vac only)
Warranty 2 Year Limited2 year1-year limited2 years5 years
Check pricepricepricepricepriceprice

Black and Decker BDH2000PL MAX 20-volt Lithium Pivot Vacuum – portable hand-held vacuum cleaner, small size.
Featuring an innovative nozzle to clean up high, down low, and in tight spots, this pivot vac offers strong suction and fade-free power. A 3-stage filtration system helps prevent clogs and improves air exhaust.


  • Powerful suction – 35W. For comparison, the much more expensive Dyson DC44 has a suction power of only 28 W
  • The model is small in size, so it does not require a lot of storage space.
  • Lithium-ion battery does not need frequent charging as compared to a nickel-cadmium battery.
  • Warranty – 2 years.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Removable battery, which can easily be replaced

  • Due to the lack of a particular nozzle, it does not clean surfaces or pet hair


After our research, our verdict is as follows:

  • Suction power is one of the most impressive that is in the manual vacuum cleaners of this manufacturer.
  • Economical Li-Ion battery with minimum charging time
  • Advanced design with a removable side panel to replace the battery and rubber flap facilitates the removal of debris.
  • Excellent specifications for this price.

2. Dyson V6 Trigger – High Suction Power Strength Makes This a great Vacuum for Pet Hair and Other Debris

Dyson V6 Trigger is known as a reliable, powerful and lightweight vacuum cleaner. It has a suction level of 2 times that of a similar portable device in its class, which allows you to keep your home, car or garage in absolute cleanliness. Since the vacuum cleaner has a small weight – it is easy to transport without any difficulties and effort.

Now the cleaning process will be easy and fun even for your children.

There is no place where you can not see the effectiveness of this miracle device.


  • High suction power
  • Easy debris collection
  • Increased strength
  • Extended warranty – 2 years
  • Battery economy
  • Powerful V6 engine
  • 2-level suction
  • Convenient, lightweight construction

  • Works only with battery power
  • Shorter details that make it difficult to penetrate into some places


Dyson V6 Trigger – Handheld Vacuum Cleaner – is designed for those who value comfort and monitor their health.
A small but powerful portable vacuum cleaner has a good reputation among other models of the brand Dyson.
The vacuum cleaner provides a powerful 2-level suction, has an elite and reliable digital engine V6, up to 20 minutes of enhanced powerful suction, maximum power mode, hygienic emptying bin, and ergonomic design. The price is very acceptable for this reliable vacuum cleaner

ECOVACS Robotics is a company that is one of the leading manufacturers of robotic cleaners. All of their products are widely known for their multifunctionality and durability.

One of the most popular models of its robotic cleaners is ECOVACS DEEBOT N78.

DEEBOT N78 is a combination of high technologies, beautiful appearance, portability, which makes the cleaning process easy and convenient.


  • Cleaning of all types of flooring.
  • Practically noiseless. The noise level is 56 dB.
  • The presence of infrared sensors that allow it to easily pass obstacles, such as furniture or cables.
  • The sensors also protect it from falling the stairs.
  • Long-term battery life (about 110 minutes).
  • Affordable price, especially compared to other vacuum cleaners with similar characteristics.

  • Some owners are not very satisfied with the reliability of the console.


Regarding price/quality ratio – this is the best portable robot vacuum cleaner. It is excellent for cleaning all kinds of surfaces, has infrared sensors, which allows it to easily move over surfaces and overcome obstacles (furniture, cables). A good battery with a running time of 110 minutes.

ECOVACS DEEBOT N78 is a great helper for those who have pets.

If you are looking for a good mid-range cordless vacuum cleaner that will cope with cleaning any surface from dust and pet hair, then the Hoover Linx BH50010 Cordless Stick Vacuum Review is just for you. The model is surprisingly simple to operate and has a high suction power.


  • Cordless vacuum cleaner with Energy Star charger
  • 18-volt Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, which can easily be replaced
  • 11-inch wide brush, which can be adjusted in height
  • Light weight, which allows you to move without too much effort around the house for a long time
  • Perfectly comes with pet hair and dust
  • Brush, which can be adjusted for cleaning of various surfaces
  • Declared lifetime of the vacuum cleaner and battery – 2 years

  •    Every time before cleaning you must wash the filter
  •    Because of the big brush, it ‘s hard to clean the stairs carefully
  •    The battery holds a charge for just 15 minutes
  •    Battery life may be significantly reduced due to frequency of use


If you are looking for an easy-to-use, powerful wireless vacuum cleaner that takes care of your carpets and parquet floor, the Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Hoover BH50010 is the ideal choice for you.

The majority of buyers praise the possibilities of this wireless vacuum cleaner. Some consumers argue that this is a great tool for getting rid of pet hair. Others emphasize that it practically works wonders: thanks to its suction power it perfectly cleans and removes debris from carpets and bare floors.

If you already had full-sized vacuum cleaners that were difficult to move around the house, then the Linx BH50010 vacuum cleaner will be your ideal assistant, and cleaning will become your favorite chore.

This is certainly one of the best models for this type of vacuum cleaner and also at a very affordable price.

The unique design of the Shark Rocket Ultralight HV302 combined with useful functions help this device to stand a step ahead of its competitors. It is intended for hard surfaces, as well as carpets with an average length of pile, is easy and convenient to use for everyone, including the older generation and children
Shark Rocket Ultralight vacuum cleaners have an ergonomic and comfortable handle with rubber grip, which prevents sliding during cleaning.


  • Easily penetrates hard-to-reach places thanks to the swivel head.
  • Powerful absorption of dust, dirt, and hair on carpets.
  • Ideal weight – 7.5 pounds.
  • Universal and easy-to-use for cleaning places such as a car, stairs, carpets with an average length of pile, etc.

  • Inconvenient distribution of weight along the entire length, which means after a while the hand may become tired.
  • The small size of the dust collector.
  • Lack of HEPA filter.


The advantage of the Shark Rocket Ultralight HV302 is the Ultra light weight of 7.5 pounds. Another advantage is that the vacuum cleaner removes large debris and fine dust from bare floors. Shark Rocket Upright (HV302) is the perfect assistant for those who are looking for a very light vacuum cleaner with a vertical handle for cleaning all kinds of surfaces. With this machine, you can quickly remove dirt from all the corners of your home.

Final Thoughts

Each of these five vacuum cleaners will become an excellent assistant for you in the fight against dust and absolutely any kind of dirt.

These vacuum cleaners are designed for those who value comfort, personal time and monitor their health. The cleaning process can easily turn into a holiday, and your house will shine with cleanliness.

The cost of each vacuum cleaner is not more than $200.

In general, you will not be mistaken if you choose any model from our list. Just make sure that you have opted for the right vacuum cleaner which will meet your needs and has the characteristics that you specifically need.

Enjoy your shopping!

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