Dust in apartment: how it appears and how to get rid of it

Every woman ask the question “how to get rid of dust in the apartment?” In the everyday routine, it sometimes seems that it is impossible to deal with it: an hour after cleaning, the unfortunate particles of it are already reeling in the air and settling on furniture.

So, what are the ways to get rid of it? and how does it appears? Where does the dust come from?


Dust in an apartment or house not only spoils the overall appearance of the interior but can also negatively affect the health of all family members. This is especially critical for children since the largest concentration of dust particles is in the layer 0.7-1.5 m above the floor level.

To reduce its quantity at home, it is recommended that you listen to the following tips:

  • give up carpets if you are not ready to vacuum them every day (especially for wall paintings);
  • You need to put  in closets or throw away everything you do not use day by day: an old bag that hangs in the corridor or a handkerchief that you never put on once – obvious dust collectors;
  • It is also necessary to reduce the number of decorative elements in the interior: napkins, figurines, artificial flowers can quickly accumulate dust (if you want to leave such designer jewelry, store them under the glass);
  • It is appropriate in the aspect of maintaining cleanliness in the house or apartment to abandon curtains with a complex design in favor of more concise options or blinds;
  • Remove textile screens, canopies;

It is recommended to replace natural covers and pillow fillers with modern synthetic analogs, remove products from natural wool, from which villi can be added to the dust.

To effectively deal with dust, it is necessary to systematically make complex cleaning of the premises. The algorithm of action is expedient to choose the following:

  • Remove all unnecessary things, put them in closed boxes or place them in glass cases;
  • To take up soft furniture: it can be thoroughly vacuumed or covered with a damp cloth and, in this form, can remove dust from it;
  • Pay attention to curtains: it is convenient to treat them with a steamer: first, they are smoothed out, and secondly, the pathogenic forms die out and the dust disappears;

If the windows and, accordingly, curtains a lot, it is worthwhile for these purposes to use a floor steamer with a large reservoir for liquid, from which steam is produced

  • Indoor plants and animals: the leaves should be sprayed with a chemicals, cleaned with a soft cloth if possible;
  • Animals, especially with long hair, necessary to comb out the hair regularly – they are, in the opinion of doctors, one of the main sources of dust; Do not forget to wash paws your  pets after walking outside;
  • Wash the floors and dislodge or vacuum the carpets: the best choice, which will effectively destroy dust, is a washing vacuum cleaner with an aqua filter. It not only qualitatively cleanses any type of surface but also destroys the dust in the air. After using such a vacuum cleaner, the air in the apartment (house) will instantly become fresh and, of course, cleaner;
  • Wipe off the dust from all surfaces: do not forget to do this on cabinets, cornices, skirting boards, TV screens and a monitor.During cleaning, it is necessary to open the windows or windows to the ventilation mode. To protect the room from outdoor dust, mosquito nets can be used or additionally covered with moist gauze.

Dust Controls

To combat dust was effective, and the cleanliness of the house was kept as long as possible, special means and devices can be used. The most relevant and popular of them are:

  • Humidifier: with its help to fight dust is easier, because In an apartment (house) where there is high humidity, it settles faster and becomes noticeable, so it will not be difficult to remove it: it takes a damp soft napkin and simply rubs it with a surface.
  • Hygrometer – a device that allows you to control the level of humidity: if it is exceeded, mold can appear in the house, and ordinary household dust – will become a dangerous reagent;
  • Vacuum cleaner – the fight against any type of pollution with it will be much more efficient and faster; It is advisable to use vacuum cleaners with an aqua filter that reduce the number of dust particles not only on the treated bases but also in the air, where they are especially numerous;
  • Membranes for windows – prevent the penetration of dust from the street, from where it can enter the room with airflow; These modern devices also help to get rid of allergens;
  • Plant chlorophyte – significantly reduces the amount of dust in its environment;
  • “Air washing” – a device that lets through the built-in filters the whole volume of air so that you can completely get rid of dust; It is especially convenient to use such an aggregate in rooms where a lot of dust is a priori, for example, in new buildings or newly renovated premises;
  • Polishes with antistatic effect: their use will not reduce the amount of dust, but on furniture, it will not appear so quickly; Do wet cleaning with such a tool is not recommended for families where allergy sufferers live.


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