Features of cleaning of soft furniture in home conditions 

Try to find a person who does not have soft furniture at home. You are unlikely to succeed.

The question of how to clean upholstered furniture at home is relevant for every family. Methods of cleaning depend on the degree and type of pollution, as well as on the kind of upholstery.


Little Secrets

There are general rules for the care of soft furniture, which can not be neglected. Also, there are several universal home remedies that help to remove stains. Let`s start with the rules:

  • Eliminate the dust with a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment, set the low-power mode so as not to tighten the upholstery in the pipe.
  • If the furniture is dismantled, then vacuuming and wiping dust should also be from the inside.
  • Some upholstery after dry cleaning will be useful to clean the steam cleaner.
  • Timely remove stains. Any cleaning product should be inspected on an inconspicuous area, and only then use.
  • Care for each material by its properties.
  • Further about means of leaving:

Quite often children cover upholstered furniture with jam, chocolate, and other sweets. From the sweet spots, warm water eliminates, in which the detergent is dissolved. After cleaning, the upholstery is rinsed and dried.
You can clean the cloth from the stains of beer with soapy water, the remains of which, together with the smell of beer, are removed with a weak solution of vinegar.
The pasted chewing gum must first be frozen, attaching ice to it, wrapped in a bag, and then cleaning the upholstery not too sharp object.


Flock, chenille, velour

You can congratulate you if you have chosen as the upholstery material flock. It should be vacuumed regularly enough to keep a neat, slightly shiny appearance of the furniture surface. In the case of stains, cleaning of the flock is carried out with  a natural detergent:

  • From a greasy stain at home, the surface can be cleaned by moistening a microfiber cloth in a soapy solution and rubbing the padding along the pile. Then, dry the place with a towel.
  • Ink and cosmetics are cleaned with a sponge soaked in vodka or a solution of alcohol. Proper cleaning is done by moving from the edges of the spot to the center.
  • If you spilled a drink on your favorite sofa with flock upholstery, pat the fresh stain with a paper towel and wash it with a powder and a brush.
  • Similarly, you can clean velour and chenille. The main difference is that the last two issues must be treated with water solutions more carefully since they let the moisture inside.
  • If on the upholstered furniture you have worn covers, then they can be washed in a typewriter. The temperature regime is set small (up to 40 °), detergents are used without bleach effect.


Let's take a closer look at the question of how to clean upholstered furniture if it has covers on it. There is no point arguing with the fact that the cover protects well from dirt. It is easy to wash at home, and if necessary, you can only change it to a new cover, and thus extend the life of the furniture. Here's how to properly clean upholstered furniture, if it is wearing covers:

  • It is necessary to remove the lid and vacuum the surface, using small nozzles to penetrate into hard-to-reach places.
  • Then it should be washed, previously unscrewed, manually or with a machine. The temperature regime is chosen depending on the type of fabric. So, for flax, you can choose 40-50 °, for certain kinds of artificial and cotton materials, 30-40 ° will suffice.
  • The cover must be dried so that it is slightly damp, and pull on the furniture. When it finally dries, you can use the furniture.

Artificial suede

Soft, soft-touch upholstery made of artificial suede must be cleaned with a clothes brush and vacuumed. If spots are formed, they are removed with a soap solution, and then comb the pile with a rubber brush, returning the volume to it. Similarly, at home, you can clean shiny from fat, shiny places.

But the substances for removing spots to apply at home to artificial suede should be very carefully because they can spoil the material.

Artificial and genuine leather

Before cleaning the soft furniture from the skin, you should carefully read the manufacturer's recommendations. You can cleanse your skin with a soft, dry cloth, however, to preserve the furniture for a long time in its original form, special tools should be used.
Firms that produce leather upholstered furniture take care of the means to care for it. There is a stearic grease, which is used once a year.Some creams gently cleanse the skin and give softness. We advise you to buy one of these tools and apply it regularly to the skin so that it does not crack and does not lose its color.




For artificial skin, alcohol and moisture in a moderate amount are intrepid. To explain a big stain from an upholstery from a leatherette it is possible at home using a solution of medical alcohol:

  • Apply a fresh napkin to the napkin, so that the fat is absorbed into it as much as possible.
  • A solution of alcohol (10%) is slightly heated and dipped in it with a cotton swab.
  • Wipe the place, which fell fat or not enough.

In addition to fat, alcohol cleans well the blots from the ball point pen and lipstick traces. Sometimes using it with soft furniture you can clean traces of a marker or marker.

Other contaminants, such as stains of tea, wine, fruit, are washed with a warm soapy solution.

Special Tools

When we clean upholstered furniture, it is advisable to get rid of it not only from dust but also from microorganisms. You can do it with a steam cleaner. The advantage is that the steam cleaner can efficiently tidy fabric upholstery without the use of chemicals.

If you can not afford to buy such a device, then use detergents and cleansing agents. They are sold in specialized stores and ordinary department stores. Some of them absorb dirt, others remove stains and disinfect the fabric, choose what you need and start cleaning.


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