How to clean the keyboard on a laptopHow to clean the keyboard on a laptop

To clean the laptop keyboard from dust, three simple ways can be conveniently combined with each other:

  • Use a multifunctional brush,
  • clean the dirt on the panel between the keys
  • clean the buttons directly with a moistened cloth.

This is a superficial cleaning method.

In addition to this, we recommend at least once a week spends deeper cleaning.

A set of cleaning products includes a microfiber napkin and a special brush. Remove dust, dirt, and fingerprints now even easier. Microfiber removes static tension and removes microbes:

  • Brush the dust particles from under the keys;
  • Put the spray onto a tissue or surface;
  • Wipe the keyboard. If you wipe the surface in time, then deep cleaning will not be needed soon;

A can of compressed air or a vacuum cleaner can easily clean the surface of crumbs and dust, but the sticky dirt will remain. Watch the purge force so that the airflow of the vacuum cleaner does not rip out the buttons.
If dirt has entered the inside of the keyboard, which you can not reach, remove the key. At the same time, keep in mind that in notebook models they are not attached the same way. Find out from which side is the fastening of the buttons at your laptop, then not to repair it. Carefully pry the button and pull it out of the socket. Wipe off the accumulated dirt with a brush and vacuum off.


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How do I flush the laptop keyboard?

Shed a liquid and do not know if you can flush the laptop keyboard? It is better to entrust this procedure to the specialists of the service center. They correctly diagnose and repair faults in the shortest possible time.

Now you know how to clean the laptop keyboard correctly. And how you do it? Share your experience in your comments.



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