How to care for a robot vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners have an important job.


They сreated to protect your house from the dust and other forms of dirt. We are worried about the cleanliness of the house, but who will take care of the cleanliness of our vacuum cleaners? Neglect of household appliances, which protects the house from dust, dirt, and bacteria, fraught with loss of their effectiveness.

This is a combination of technologies embedded in a daily routine that can protect us not only from dirt from but also even from back pain. In this section, you will find the simple steps that will help you clean the vacuum cleaner.


Tips for cleaning your vacuum cleaner

Before cleaning the vacuum cleaner, be sure to read the user's manual. With the cleaning of the vacuum cleaner you will be helped:

  • Detergent
  • Brush
  • Soft cloth
  • Latex gloves
  • Water
  • Pair of sharp scissors
  • Garbage bag

Safety first

Wear rubber gloves before cleaning. Gloves will help to avoid the small static shocks, which sometimes happen with devices, even if they are disabled. Gloves will also help protect your hands from dirt and dust.
The most frequent and at the same time the easiest thing you have to do is to clean the filter and the garbage container.
To properly perform this procedure, no more instructions are required – the container must be simply emptied. There is, perhaps, only one: some models of robotic vacuum cleaners have a container, combined with a suction motor. Such containers carry only dry cleaning, and they can not be washed. Also, it is forbidden to wash some types of filters. When buying a robot, be sure to specify what type of container and filter.

Rotating brushes and rollers

This is an important element of the vacuum cleaner, which is responsible for cleaning the floors and carpets, that is, almost any mess on the floor of your house. Typically, brushes collect dirt of a variety of types, including hair, both human and domestic animals, if any. Use gloves to remove any dirt stuck in the bristles of the brushes. For the most complex and stubborn garbage use scissors, because breaking some hair can be very difficult. Remove any debris in a garbage bag. Remove the brushes, if possible, as a rule, they are detached from the nozzle, although sometimes you will have to unscrew the nuts or bolts, but only so you can clean them properly.
If you notice any problems with the vacuum cleaner, you probably need a repair/replacement of the vacuum cleaner.

Dirt around the wheels

On the wheels of the vacuum cleaner, too, dirt accumulators, so make sure that you check and clean them in a timely manner. Try to roll the vacuum cleaner. Wheels must be cleaned from the bottom up using a detergent. It is advisable to remove the wheels from the vacuum cleaner, if possible, and reinstall after cleaning.

Cleaning the filters

Check the manual to make sure that the vacuum cleaner filters can not be soaked in the liquid. If there is nothing like this in the manual, use a dry brush to remove stale. Reinstallation of the filter is possible only when it is completely dry.

Cleaning the sensors

Numerous sensors of the vacuum cleaner. If there is a lot of pollution, the robot will not be able to use its “eyes”, it will often stop and make mistakes when choosing a route. To prevent this, regularly wipe the sensors with a dry and soft cloth. It is especially important to do this with the sensors of falling and dust.


Be careful with wires

Anything that has a built-in electrical unit or leads the wires must remain dry. Gently wipe the dust with a soft, dry cloth while the remaining parts of the vacuum cleaner are dried.
Do not forget about changing the consumables (filters, brushes). Their timely replacement will also extend the life of the robot and improve the quality of cleaning.
Cleaning the vacuum cleaner is not a difficult task, you do not need a lot of time, it's enough to just do this job every two weeks, not more often. Do not disregard the cleaning of the vacuum cleaner.


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