How to choose a vacuum cleaner by its technical characteristi
 cs?very house, without it is difficult to imagine a high-quality cleaning.

The abundance of brands and models sometimes leads the buyer to confusion, and he makes a choice in favor of an inexpensive and beautiful device that can later disappoint him. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to imagine what parameters the operation of the vacuum cleaner is and what is important for you.
So, what are we paying for, getting a vacuum cleaner, and why can the cost vary by an order of magnitude, or even two?


Main characteristics of vacuum cleaners

A modern vacuum cleaner is a rather complicated household appliance, which should provide high-quality and comfortable cleaning. This is achieved by the following parameters:
Power consumption.

The parameter, which is indicated on the body and in the specification. It is often mistakenly concluded about the effectiveness of the vacuum cleaner, in fact, it says about energy consumption. Household vacuum cleaner, depending on its design and engine, can consume 1300-2500 watts.

  • Suction power.

But this parameter just characterizes the cleaning possibilities, and it looks much more modest compared to the consumed power: its indicators lie in the range of 280-500 W. A low suction power allows you to clean smooth floor coverings in rooms with minimal contamination, high – for large apartments with an abundance of carpets and upholstered furniture.

  • Filters for vacuum cleaners.

In each vacuum cleaner, there is one or another filtration system, necessary for air to be blown with the least amount of dust. Inexpensive models can stand up to twelve filters. The most modern are the HEPA filter, which was originally developed for the nuclear industry, and then adopted in domestic use. Such filters are made of thin sheets of fiberglass, folded accordion. They are able to retain the smallest particles of dust, which is especially important for allergy sufferers.

  • Noise level.

Of course, nobody wants the vacuum cleaner to make too much noise. Many believe that for powerful vacuum cleaners this is inevitable. However, modern models do not vibrate very much and, accordingly, do not make too much noise. An acceptable noise level for a vacuum cleaner is 71-92 decibels at a distance of 0.5 m from a person. This characteristic is not always indicated in the specification, but you can ask to turn on the vacuum cleaner in the store to understand how comfortable it will be in domestic use.

  • The volume of the tank (bag or container).

Household vacuum cleaners usually range from 1-5.5 liters. To estimate the capacity of capacity it is possible visually at purchase, exact figures are specified in the specification.

  • Characteristics of the suction pipe.

The pipe can be assembled in two parts or have a telescopic structure with length adjustment. The latter option is more convenient to use. To increase maneuverability during harvesting, choose a vacuum cleaner with an aluminum pipe – it is lighter than a metal one.

  • Characteristics of brushes.

The brushes are equipped with a “carpet-floor” switch, which allows you to extend and hide the bristles accordingly. They can also have wheels for a smoother run along the surface. Inexpensive models, the length of the bristles is adjustable, there is a backlight, the wheels are made of soft rubber or latex flooring. The features and design features of the brushes are described in the instructions to the vacuum cleaner.

  • Additional features.

Automatic filter self-cleaning, power adjustment, noise reduction, fill indicator and nano coating on the walls of the dust collector, turbo brush, nozzles for collecting large debris – all these pleasant “bonuses” can be seen in the latest models of branded vacuum cleaners. These benefits will necessarily be stated in the specification.

Technical characteristics of products of little-known Asian manufacturers in practice are much lower than those declared, so it makes sense to choose vacuum cleaners of brands that everyone has heard.

Characteristics of washing vacuum cleaners

Detergent vacuum cleaners were created for wet cleaning of premises. They have a special brush design that allows you to pressurize the cleaning solution and suck it back after washing the surface. This type of vacuum cleaner can be used for both hard floors and carpets. The average washing vacuum cleaner has the following technical characteristics:
•    The power consumption is 1700-2000 W;
•    Suction power – 300-350 W;
•    HEPA filter;
•    The noise level is 85-90 dB;
•    Volume of the tank – 3,5-8 l;
•    Telescopic suction pipe;
•    Nozzles – for dust, carpet/floor, crevice, for upholstered furniture, for windows;
Additional features – automatic winding of the power cord, power regulator, humidification and air aromatization.

When choosing a vacuum cleaner, pay attention to how convenient it is to disassemble it to fill and clean the water tank. When calculating the purchase budget, keep in mind that you will need special cleaning products.

Choose a good vacuum cleaner with a container

At work of this vacuum cleaner, the dust collected by a brush arrives in a plastic container which then needs to be shaken out and washed. A typical modern vacuum cleaner with a container has the following characteristics:

  • Power consumption – 2000-2100 W;
  • Suction power – 370 W;
  • HEPA filter;
  • Noise level – not more than 80 dB;
  • The volume of the tank is about 4.5 liters;
  • Telescopic suction pipe;
  • Nozzles – for dust, carpet/floor, crevice;

Additional features – automatic winding of the power cord, power regulator, the indicator of filling the dust container.
In addition to the formal characteristics, pay attention to the convenience of assembly: the container of a good vacuum cleaner of this type should be conveniently removed and inserted back, without the risk of its sudden opening and scattering of dust.

Features of a vacuum cleaner with an aqua filter

The water filter is a dust collection container filled with water. When cleaning with a vacuum cleaner with an aqua filter, air is injected under high pressure into the container, as a result of which the collected dust remains in the water, and air bubbles rise upward to leave the vacuum cleaner after passing the additional filter. At the end of cleaning, dirty water should be poured out. The following parameters are typical for this type of vacuum cleaner:

  • Power consumption – 2000-2100 W;
  • Suction power – 300-350 W;
  • HEPA filter;
  • The noise level is 75-80 dB;
  • The volume of the reservoir is 4-5 l;
  • Telescopic suction pipe;
  • Nozzles – for dust, carpet/floor, crevice;

Additional features – automatic winding of the power cord, power regulator, dust bag full indicator, defoaming additive.
Using a vacuum cleaner with an aqua filter, it is necessary to avoid getting into it detergents, since the resulting foam reduces the efficiency of work. A good vacuum cleaner will necessarily be equipped with a defoaming additive, which is periodically required to be changed.

How to choose a good vacuum cleaner with bags?

Vacuum cleaners with bags are the most traditional and inexpensive option. Such a vacuum cleaner is sometimes completed with one cloth bag, reusable, and several disposable non-woven bags of cellulose, they can be bought as needed. Keep in mind that it's easier to find paper bags for the most common models. However, practice shows that this option is less effective in retaining dust particles, and is also an additional expense item.

The average quality vacuum cleaner with the bag has the following characteristics:

  • Power consumption – 1500-1700 W;
  • Suction power – 300-360 W;
  • The noise level is 77-85 dB;
  • Fine filter;
  • Telescopic tube;
  • Nozzles – for dust, carpet/floor, crevice;

The main guidelines for choosing such a vacuum cleaner are brand reliability and model ergonomics.

Vacuum cleaners of middle and premium categories from well-known manufacturers are always made of materials and components of the highest quality. First of all, it is “reflected” in plastic, the “noble” origin of which, both in appearance and touch, is easily recognized even by an inexperienced housewife.

What else to pay attention to?

Of course, you should ask yourself how convenient the vacuum cleaner is in using and storing, and whether it is durable. This can be judged by the following indicators:

  • The presence of motor protection against overheating.

If the temperature approaches the critical temperature, the vacuum cleaner should shut down.

  • Softstart function.

Protects the engine from overloads.

  • Dimensions.

The too bulky vacuum cleaner will create problems when cleaning a small, furniture-packed apartment.
Vertical placement of the suction pipe on the body allows you to optimize the space when storing the vacuum cleaner.

  • The shoulder strap allows you to easily reach high contamination.

For example when washing windows or cleaning wall carpets.

  • Noise reduction system.

If it is, you can, if necessary, be engaged in cleaning at any time of the day, without fear of disturbing your neighbors, even with low sound insulation at home.

  • The range of the vacuum cleaner.

It is determined by summing the length of the cord, the body of the vacuum cleaner, the hose, the tube and the brush. The minimum comfortable range is seven meters.

  • Automatic cord rewind.

Helps to quickly remove the vacuum cleaner into place after the end of its work.

  • Nozzles.

Well, if the nozzle is equipped with rubber wheels and has a bristle on the sides to clean the dust along the walls and corners.
How to distinguish a good vacuum cleaner from substandard?


A good vacuum cleaner is of a high build quality. All parts are tightened, due to which the suction power is maintained. Authoritative manufacturers take care of the ergonomics of the vacuum cleaner to make cleaning as easy as possible. Not immediately noticeable, but pleasant details – noiseless wheels, a place for storing attachments, a large radius of action – give out a thorough approach to creating a vacuum cleaner and caring for the consumer.

It should be noted that you need to choose a vacuum cleaner based on the individual characteristics of the premises, goals, and tasks that you plan to solve it. In any case, it can be argued that the suction force is the first and the main parameter, which should be paid attention.

Of course, the high technical and operational characteristics of vacuum cleaners invariably affect their price. The more technological products, the higher it is cost. But a quality vacuum cleaner is not a purchase for one year, and it is probably not worth saving on cleanliness and health.


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