How to remove spot and completely purchase pits

    Carpet cover the stairs and floors in public buildings and offices, and even for the insulation of the floor, it steely cut in apartments.

    And that is where the problem arises: how to clean the carpet in the home because it gets dirty quite quickly.


    Features of carpets of different types

    The way to clean the flooring is mainly based on what material it is made of, what its basis is, whether it is piled and how long it is. For a short artificial pile suitable for wet cleaning with a vacuum cleaner. Also, use a special shampoo. It is foamed, applied with a brush to the carpet carefully working on individual spots. When the coating dries, the floor is vacuumed.

    For natural materials, wet cleaning can cause harm, especially if the pile is long. A thick floor covering with uncut pile is usually cleaned:

    • Foam from a special aerosol;
    • An adsorbent powder;
    • Liquid foamed adsorbents.

    All these substances are designed to remove dirt from carpets, rugs and carpets. They are freely sold in stores and distributed by trade agents from well-known brands. The principle of action they have about the same with small differences. The agent is applied evenly to the carpet, gives it time to soak up dirt, and then collect it all with a vacuum cleaner.

    To lift long, thick fibers, I recommend vacuuming the carpet with a special rotating brush.


    Fiber Type Features

    • Natural fiber Is afraid of strong wetting, does not burn out in the sun
    • Nylon It is easy to get dirty and also easy to clean
    • Terclon Wear-resistant, easy to clean
    • Acrylic and polyester Waterproof, not afraid of dirt, but quickly wears out

    Basic cleaning rules

    • Any cleaning of the carpet at home should be done in compliance with certain rules. They will help you not to spoil the coating, prevent mold growth, preserve color and pattern.
    • Do not wet the floor covering to such an extent that it is soaked through. If the water reaches the floor, then it will be tough to dry the carpet. You will have to soak the carpet with rags, and also include heaters and fans.
    • An unknown tool should be tested on a small piece of carpet and then proceed with a more extensive cleaning.
    • If you need to remove the stain, then start brushing off its edges and gradually move towards the center. In this case, you will reduce the stain to a minimum, do not let it slip and, possibly, eliminate it.
    • Recall that before cleaning any floor covering should be vacuumed to remove large dirt: sand, hair, paper, animal hair, etc. After that, cleaning the carpet will become much easier.

    In fact, caring for a carpet is not difficult. It must be vacuumed 3-4 times a week and about once a month to do general cleaning. If you are a supporter of professional dry cleaning, then order it no more often than once every six months.



    Removal of some stains

    If you planted a stain on the carpet, then you do not need to wait for the general cleaning or call specialists from the cleaning company. Some dirt can be removed at home in the home.


    The chewing gum and wax drops from the candles on the carpet are first frozen, putting a bag of ice cubes from the freezer on them, and then scraping with a knife.
    Stains from juice or berries, as well as from liquids containing acid, are eliminated with a warm solution of soda.
    A greasy trail can be washed with a dishwashing detergent. The gel should be applied in small amounts with a damp sponge and rub the place on which a greasy stain formed.
    Dark spots lighten citric acid or hydrogen peroxide.
    You can also use special stain removers. After using any detergent, the pile is wiped with clean water and dried with a towel or napkins. In the end, it should be perfectly dry, so that the fungus does not start.


    Be careful with shoe polish and rust. Their traces are tough to withdraw, and even professionals with them do not always cope.

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