How to remove the urine from the carpet: Peoples recipes

Have got yourself a small four-legged friend, and now you are wondering how to remove the smell of urine from the carpet? Accustoming a new member of the family to the cleanliness is a long and tedious process. It is worth considering in detail some recipes, which will help remove unpleasant odors at home.

How to remove an unpleasant "aroma"

Urine is the main product of the vital activity of any animal. Its composition of 3% contains a variety of chemicals. These include:

  • urea;
  • Various salts;
  • Urobilin;
  • Uric acid;
  • Creatinine.

All the rest is ordinary water. It is not possible to get rid of the smell of a cat or a puppy using conventional flavors.

Please note, if the problem has appeared in the children's room, then it is necessary additionally to thoroughly disinfect the surface.

There are a number of substances that effectively cope with flavors, and they can be found in every home. This list includes:

  • Food or soda ash;
  • Table vinegar;
  • Manganese;
  • iodine;
  • laundry soap;
  • Tea-making tea;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • Alcohol or vodka.

How to remove foreign smells

If you find a fresh stain on the carpet, then you can remove it with ordinary paper towels or a normal rag. To clear the dried up traces it is easier if preliminary to soak them with water. But the old contamination from a cat or a puppy with unpleasant odors can be cleaned in simple ways.

recipe 1

Spot sprinkle with baking soda. It must completely cover the pollution. Remove unpleasant contamination with a brush with a hard nap. We leave this for several hours. Remains of soda are removed using a vacuum cleaner.

Baking soda is an effective tool that can remove various contaminants even in the children's room.

recipe 2

Make the vinegar solution on water (ratio 1: 3). Further, it is recommended to clean the pile with a soft cloth. The vinegar solution is capable of damaging the material, so first, run the experiment on an inconspicuous piece.

If you use this method to clean the carpet in the children's room, then you need to thoroughly ventilate the room.

recipe 3

Next in its effectiveness is hydrogen peroxide. Prepare the working solution in a ratio of 1: 1. Apply to the carpet.

Hydrogen peroxide removes odors well, but it can also easily discolor the paint on the material. Use this tool with extreme caution.

recipe 4

Almost every house has a small piece of laundry soap. You can remove traces from the stay of the pet's house with his help. Rub it carefully. Leave it for a few minutes and rinse with a damp cloth. Finally, wipe the treated area with alcohol or vodka. The procedure from the beginning to the end is recommended to be repeated again.

Recipe 5

If you are not used to giving up and decided to achieve a positive result, then we propose the following method:   

  • Sprinkle the stain with vinegar essence;
  • Wait until it is completely dry;
  • Next step sprinkle this place with baking soda;
  • Above sprayed with dilute hydrogen peroxide;

We wait for complete drying and we remove the remains with a vacuum cleaner.
Recipe 6

You can always use professional help. If the carpeting is small, it will be accepted for dry cleaning, and a large product will be gladly received at the car wash. The standard duration of the procedure is 2 hours.

Do not forget to specify the cost of the whole work for the specialists. And warn in advance that you want to get rid of not only the stain but also its smell.

Recipe 7

In the store on the shelves, there are professional cleaning tools. They will help remove the fragrance and all traces. To do this, apply it with a sponge and leave for 30-40 minutes. Residues are removed with a damp cloth and the product is dried.

Recipe 8

To remove the smell from the cat on the carpet carefully select the substances, starting from the color of the pile. If the product is of a dark color, it is better to use:

Solution of potassium permanganate (1 teaspoon dilute 3 liters of water);
Iodine (add 20 drops in 10 liters of water).
If the carpet is a light shade, then you can use chlorine bleach. It is washed off with a soap solution.

Use any bleach with caution. It is not known how the material behaves when it comes into contact with it. Also, do not mix chlorine with ammonia in any way. This mixture is dangerous for the life and health of you and the pet.

Additional recommendations

The following tips will help not only to get rid of surprises but also possibly help to prevent them:

  • If you have got yourself a kitten or a puppy, then be prepared that he will do his "affairs" on the carpet.
  • If possible, it is better to remove all carpets for a while.
  • If you think that the smell is following you around the apartment, then invite a specialist.
  • If the cat has an unpleasant trail, then be prepared that he will definitely return to this place. Treat it carefully. It is possible to get rid of the repeated invasion of the pet with the help of an enzymatic agent.

Do not be discouraged if a four-legged friend goes to the bathroom on the carpet. With the help of these recipes, you can easily get rid of all traces and scents. Especially carefully it should be done if the pet has taken a fancy to the carpet in the children's room.



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