Is it possible to wash the HEPA filter?

Have you noticed that your vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter has become poorly sucked in dust and quickly overheats?

It's time to clean it! will find out whether it is possible to wash the fine filter or replace it with a new one immediately.

Cleaning the HEPA filter

When choosing a vacuum cleaner, pay attention to the material from which the HEPA filter is made. Distinguish:

  • Reusable (washable)

made from fiber fluoroplastic with filler-filler made of porous activated carbon. It neutralizes odors, trapping microscopic particles of dust and gasses from the air. The fact that it can be washed is mentioned in the instructions to the vacuum cleaner or is indicated by the letter “W” in the name of the model. Remember: HEPA-filter is washed under the intense pressure of running cold water without the use of detergents. It did not rub with a brush, so as not to spoil it. Dry at room temperature. Consider: for reusable HEPA filters, the expiration date is as limited as for disposable ones because the pores of activated carbon eventually become saturated and clogged. It loses its purifying properties. This is why even a washed filter has a musty smell. The service life of the fine filter is from 1 to 2 years, depending on how often you vacuum;







  • Replaceable (disposable)

made of layers of paper and fiberglass with antimicrobial impregnation. Do not wash such a filter, because it immediately deforms. It is useless to also clean it by blowing air because dust microparticles are retained in the filter fibers and can not be cleaned. Better replace it with a new one.
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Now you know how to clean the HEPA filter of the vacuum cleaner.

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