Possible malfunctions of vacuum cleaners

We all want our household appliances to serve us as long as possible. Everyone agrees to put on an iron/vacuum cleaner/kettle for several hundred more, only if we are guaranteed that this thing will last longer and will not break.

And the whole feature of the technology is that the term of its long service depends not only on the quality of the material and the conscience of the manufacturer.


Malfunction of the vacuum cleaner Depending on how you handle the equipment, the expiration date will also be regulated. For your vacuum cleaner to serve you as long as possible, it is worth remembering a couple of simple things – you need to clean the device on time, and if the vacuum cleaner has already had malfunctions, it's better not to repair them yourself, or be extremely careful. The main thing is to understand the cause of the difficulties in the work of technology. This is what we are going to discuss with you.

Why does the vacuum cleaner suck in air?

This problem is the most common and at the same time the simplest. The reasons for this problem are easily eliminated. Before running to the service center, make sure that the vacuum cleaner is set to the correct power and, with the help of the regulator, remove the problem.

Also, there is an option that the dust collector is full and inadequate air intake with the motor running – it's just a sign that it's time to clean the vacuum cleaner. Change the bag you need to make timely! Before removing the bag, turn off the vacuum cleaner from the outlet, and only then clean it. Remember that you can not use a vacuum cleaner, which does not have such a bag because it can lead to a more serious type of failure.

Also, the cause of inadequate intake of air when the engine is on can be clogged engine dust filters, air ducts, exhaust filter, hose, deformed gaskets and gaskets, and lack of tightness of the hose connection to the hull.

Why does not the vacuum cleaner collect garbage?

If your vacuum cleaner sucks in air well and refuses to refuse collection, then move the brush roller along the height. The positions of this roller are set depending on the surface to be cleaned. So just tilt the vacuum cleaner slightly back and voila! The roller is adjusted. It is possible that simply your brush roller has served you for too long and faithfully, and you have worn it pretty much. Just replace it, and vacuum it on health.

The vacuum cleaner has stopped sucking. If, after such capital measures, the problem has not disappeared, try to check the drive belts. Perhaps the defect lies there. In this case, they will have to replace them, and the vacuum cleaner will again perform its direct duties

Why does the vacuum cleaner stink?

This breakdown is also quite common. The reason for this inconvenience may be the same filled bag-dust bag. If so, then your vacuum cleaner needs cleaning. And if you use in the future an individual air conditioner for dust collectors, then an unpleasant smell can be avoided in the future.

If the smell does not appear in the cleaning process, but after, and looks like a stink of burnt rubber, it is possible that the wiper belt slips when the vacuum cleaner is running. This process results from the fact that the partially blocked bearing limits the rotation of the brush roller of the vacuum cleaner. In this case, you just need to remove the roller and clean this bearing. Or you will need to replace the drive belt with a new one .

Why does the vacuum cleaner vibrate?

Most often this problem occurs in old vertical vacuum cleaners. It is connected with a malfunction of the fan. The process of replacing such detail is rather dreary and expensive so that you can be offered a cheaper option – the purchase of a new vacuum cleaner. The second reason for the increased vibration of the vacuum cleaner may be the wear of the roller bearings. In this case, the process of replacing bearings will not be involved if the roller is equipped with removable end caps. If you do not have such privileges for your vacuum cleaner, you will have to change the whole roller.

Why the vacuum cleaner does not turn on

With this problem, human fears are connected – the vacuum cleaner has broken! Again to throw out money! But there is a simpler solution, very common and after a ridiculous. And you just turned on the vacuum cleaner in the outlet? Then, perhaps, the socket itself is de-energized? Basically, this is what causes the inoperative state of the vacuum cleaner.

But seriously, the possible cause of such a malfunction is in the breakage or malfunction of the power cord. Or the fuse has blown. For newer vacuum cleaners, another option is possible. Perhaps your vacuum cleaner is equipped with a thermal overcurrent switch. When the engine overheats, the thermal switch trips and the vacuum cleaner stops working. There are several reasons for overheating: a clogged filter, a clogged air channel, a full dust bag. All these troubles are easily eliminated.


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