Practical tips for clearing stains with soft fleet furniture

Without solid furniture, it is difficult to imagine a modern apartment, and sofas and armchairs are presented in the widest range of colors, shapes, dimensions, upholstery materials.


Upholstered furniture, which has velvety and soft to the touch upholstery from the flock, has become popular with many consumers both for its attractive appearance and for its practicality and durability. The spots on your favorite armchair or couch, of course, cause vexation, but you can clean furniture at home in several ways that help to retain its appearance for a long time.

How to care for furniture from flock

To make furniture of light flock remained long clean and beautiful, it is necessary to clean it properly at home and take care of it, using only soft and gentle means.

Some general rules for the care of furniture with such a coating at home:

  • Using a vacuum cleaner, you need to use a special nozzle, which is a soft brush. The mode should be of minimum power to prevent the upholstering of the upholstery in the pipe.
  • Some flock types allow the application of cleaning by a steam cleaner, which should be carried out after the furniture has been vacuum cleaned. In addition to the cleansing effect, this method also serves as the prevention of the appearance of an undergarment and other harmful microorganisms settling in a soft upholstery fabric.
  • The spots that appear on the fabric should be cleaned in time, without waiting until they dry up because old dirt is much harder to clean than fresh ones.
  • When you are going to use a new cleaner to clean the surface, test it on a barely visible area before use.
  • Try to use only special tools designed for upholstered furniture with your type of cover.
  • To save money, an expensive cleaning product at home can be replaced with a normal soap solution with abundant foam. If you read the composition of any product, you will see that the main ingredients in them are water and soap.

How to clean a light-flocked furniture

Upholstered furniture at home is recommended to periodically clean, even in the absence of visible dirt, and even if it is covered with a light coating, this procedure can not be avoided. Do not despair if the flock on your couch has lost its original purity and looks very unattractive. This material can be easily cleaned, but in the process of removing contaminants, one must be very careful in choosing detergents in order not to disrupt the structure of the tissue.

Methods of cleaning soft furniture in the home can be different: using a vacuum cleaner, using soap foam or a solution of alcohol. The method should be chosen based on the degree of contamination of the upholstery fabric. Prophylactic routine care is easiest to do with a vacuum cleaner, and a flexible nozzle should be used.

If there are any contaminants on the surface of the flock, the fabric looks stale; it is necessary to use water-based cleaning agents.

How to Clean Spots

  • The degree of contamination of the sofa cover can be different, and detergents should be selected based on the origin of the stains.
  • To clean oil stains, you need to dissolve in warm water warmed soap on a grater, making a strong foam. First, we dilute the stain with a sponge moistened with the solution, and then we start very gently to wipe it off. To prevent contamination, the movement should be directed to the very center of the spot from its edges. Excess moisture is soaked from the surface of the upholstery with the help of napkins or any soft tissue. Upholstery after cleaning should dry naturally, using a hair dryer or iron will make the fabric coarser, and it will stand out from the rest of the coating. When the treatment site dries, use a soft brush to restore the direction of the nap.
  • If there are spots from the lipstick or ballpoint pen on the flock, apply a 10% alcohol solution. Sponge or a napkin soaked in it, clean the place where the spots are located, trying not to increase their area.
  • If ice cream is dropped on a sofa or chair, a fresh stain should be gently blotted with a paper napkin. Sticky residues are best removed by soaking in a soap solution with a sponge. In the case of the drying of the milk spot, it must first be absorbed by putting a clean, damp cloth on the surface. To the remnants of dessert is not smeared over a large area of ​​the sofa, they should be removed with a knife (dull side of the blade), you can also use a nail file. Then we act the same way as when removing a fresh spot.
  • Children leave the chewing gum anywhere, and the sofa is also immune from such a scourge, and to the fleecy flock surface, the chewing gum sticks very tightly. Usually, things with such impurities are placed in the freezer, what should be the case with soft furniture? Cool the place of such contamination can be by placing a piece of clean cotton cloth on it and put ice on top (frozen food in the freezer will do). It is necessary to achieve freezing of the chewing gum; then it will crumble and quickly depart from the surface, you will only gently collect the crumbs. If you start to scrape the chewing gum without freezing, you can break the fleecy face of the delicate upholstery fabric.

Furniture flocked, looks richly, beautifully and more efficiently, and a light flock indicates the exquisite taste of the owner of the apartment. Buying such soft furniture, be prepared for the fact that it requires careful care and constant attention. But for a long time, she will please you with her perfect appearance and perfect purity.

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