Pure soft sofa from dust and stain with your hands

Pollution on upholstered furniture is a very frequent phenomenon, and getting rid of them is a troublesome and time-consuming task.

It is much easier to prevent the problem by making your favorite sofa a thick blanket, which is much easier to wash and remove stains than the resting place itself. But if you have wondered how to clean the couch at home, then you need an ambulance to remove dirt.

Note that fresh contamination is easier to remove than stains of a hundred years ago.

If you had a careless soiling sofa, then arm ourselves with our advice and bring the furniture in order of the funds currently available at hand.


Clean the upholstery of the sofa from the dust

An uncoated sofa made of the material such as velour, chenille, or flock or matting, as well as tapestry, can absorb dust, no worse than a soft toy. If your nose starts to itch, sitting on the upholstered furniture, you want to sneeze – then it's time to clean the sofa of dust. But even if you do not have an excellent sense of smell, then once a year you must necessarily carry out the procedure to remove the upholstery from dust, so as not to earn a common allergy.

How to clean the sofa from dust? Very simply, choose one of two ways.
1. Knockout

It will take a sheet, which is not pity, and the real adaptation-punching out. Pull the sheet moist, lightly soaking and squeezing well. You can run it on the "rinse + spin" mode in the washing machine – we will get the ideal moisture we need. Spread the moist material on the couch and begin to beat out dust, clean around the perimeter of the furniture. Dust, when knocked out, will absorb into the sheet, but will not fly out into the air. This will allow you to calmly, without choking, to put in order and clean the entire sofa at home..

2. Vacuum cleaning

If you have a nozzle for furniture – turn the device into an outlet and brush with each millimeter of the sofa. The usual brush for the floor, too, will do, but you will not get it to the corner places – it's better to remove the nozzle and clean it with a hose. The greater the suction power of your device, the better you will eliminate the upholstery from dust. This method will require a minimum of effort from you; it can be carried out even once a week, cleaning the sofa, so as not to leave a dust mite on the furniture, not the slightest chance.

Display spots: an overview of the most frequent causes and effective means

Virtually any spot at different stages of pollution at home can be cleaned with a chemical – Natures Miracle . This is a commercially available solution, which, with the help of water, is whipped into a big foam. Foam is applied to the problem area, several powerful movements with a brush, 15 minutes – and, voila, the sofa are clean. But cleaning the Natures Miracle can pour out a pretty penny, and at the right time, this means may simply not be home. That is why we ill tell you how to clean the sofa of stains with other popular methods.

Spots from these drinks are eliminated with soap. With a soft sponge, lightly soak the contamination. With household soap, rub the stained area. With the help of a brush to make circular motions, adequately soap the stain. Leave for 10 minutes, then gently, using a sponge, remove the soap with warm water.

  • Blood

Fresh stain from the blood is washed off the couch with cold water and a sponge, without using other means. A light sofa is harder to get rid of such a stain, so add one tablespoon water to the water. L. Vinegar, and after washing with water soap off the place of soiling contamination with soap.

  • Wine

To prevent the stain from spreading, pat it with a paper towel. Then sprinkle ordinary salt, salt absorbs moisture. After 10-15 minutes, you need to brush the salt with a brush and wipe the stain with a tissue moistened with vodka or alcohol. In order not to leave a divorce, after a while, soap the already dried stain and once again brush it.

  • Urine

If the house has a child of a small age, then this item is clearly of interest to you. Urine does not so much leave behind a stain, how many more troubles brings a specific smell. First of all, a wet place on the couch should be dried – most quickly it is done with a hair dryer, but in extreme cases, you can try to dry it with a towel.

Next, treat the surface with a soap solution (shampoo + water), you need to clean the place well. Dry it again. And in the end, make a pink solution of potassium permanganate, which finally disinfects the material. Brush distribute the solution on the couch. To wash it is not necessary. If the sofa is light, then it is not worth using manganese.

  • Fat

Oily, heavy stain should be covered with salt, or with soda or starch. Leave the contamination for a few minutes. Then, with a sponge soaked in a dishwashing liquid, clean, wipe the stained area. Rinse with clean water with the same sponge after 15 minutes.

  • Ink from a ballpoint pen

Well washed with acetone, alcohol, a means for removing varnish. A cotton wool soaked in a cleaner, wipe off the mark from the handle. If the dirt is small, you can try to clean it with a pencil eraser. On the leather couch, ink can strongly absorb into the material, in this case, at home, it is almost impossible to take them out.

  • Chewing gum

We sat on the chewing gum, but so unfortunate that she stuck to the couch? Here is the only possible option than cleaning the sofa. The chewing gum is easily removed from the surface if it hardens. Remove from the freezer a mold with ice, and in turn, apply ice cubes to the chewing gum. You need 2-3 cubes before the rubber gets cold. Then gently, using the blunt side of the knife, separate the chewing gum from the surface of the sofa. After the procedure, clean the place with a damp cloth.

  • Other types of spots

The remaining stains from food, drinks, dirty soles or stained feet of the animal can be cleaned with a shampoo solution with the addition of 10 drops of ammonia. It 's nice to soap up the contamination, let the mud dissolve within 5-7 minutes, rinse with a light soaking the sponge with warm water.

Refresh the color of the sofa and eliminate the unpleasant odor

Dry cleaning can solve all problems with the pollution and smell of furniture. Even some car washes are being tidied up. But this is far from a budgetary solution to the problem, and the actual question remains how to clean the sofa at home.

Over time, the upholstery of the sofa is wiped, the material fades. Due to constant use, furniture loses its former attractiveness. This can be avoided if you have a steamer at home, preferably vertical. With its help, you can refresh the sofa in a few minutes. By treating the upholstery with the steamer, you can give it a "second life."

Steam kills microscopic insects, bacteria, cleans the surface and refreshes the fragrance. But after such a wet treatment, the couch should be well dried before it can be used for its intended purpose again.

If the material is soaked with chronic smells, the situation can save the filler for the cat's toilet. This method is especially useful for sofas from the flock. Do not regret, scatter balls on the surface of the entire sofa. Leave to soak the odor for half an hour, then discard the filler.

The sofa vacuums.

It is good and without costs will relieve the unpleasant smell of airing. In the warm season, as far as possible, it is worth bearing a sofa for a day or two in the open air.

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