Which stick vacuum cleaner should I choose?

Convenience and ease of use – these are the main requirements of customers when choosing a vacuum cleaner.

These requests are fully consistent with modern stick models. They are a pipe with a handle and attached to it a motor and a dust collector. At the end of the tube, like a conventional vacuum cleaner is a brush-nozzle. Such vacuum cleaners do not cause any difficulties in operation; they are very light and compact, they can be handled by both children and seniors.


Unlike traditional models, a stick vacuum cleaner should not be collected and disassembled each time. Between cleanings, this vacuum cleaner can simply be put behind the interior door – it will take no more space than a regular mop, which is why many jokingly call it an electronic. Stick vacuum cleaner, thanks to its design, easily penetrates into the most inaccessible corners of the apartment. In this case, it is not necessary to move the massive body of the device and be controlled with a disobedient house. A stick vacuum cleaner can provide the same cleaning efficiency as a conventional 2000 W vacuum cleaner. Plus, it has great ease of operation and maneuverability. And this means, cleaning the apartment will take much less time than using a vacuum cleaner more familiar to us design.

Also, stick models of vacuum cleaners have been developed, which also allow for wet cleaning. When you clean the apartment, you will not only see dazzling cleanliness but also feel how the air around has changed. The process of air purification is due to anti-allergenic filters included in the design of the device.

Stick vacuum cleaners are of two types: some work directly from the network, and others are charged with the battery. Both the first and the second have their advantages and disadvantages. Let's talk about them in more detail.

Corded Models

The principle of operation of such vacuum cleaners is simple – insert the plug into the socket, turn on the “start” button and start cleaning. The main advantage of wired vacuum cleaners is unlimited working time. Without unnecessary fuss, you qualitatively clear the floor, carpets, upholstered furniture, hard surfaces. However, it is not always convenient to move around the room, dragging a cord behind it. And if the house has animals or small children, there is a risk that they can catch on the wire and fall. Also, a vacuum cleaner working from the network is problematic to use outdoors, for example, in the country – if you need to clean a sofa, a rug, or armchairs in a gazebo.

The power of such vacuum cleaners is 1200-2200 W. As for the price; it depends on the functionality of the model, its equipment, and manufacturer. On average, the cost of a reliable and convenient stick vacuum cleaner is 12 000-30 000 rubles.

Cordless stick vacuum cleaners

The indisputable advantage of cordless vacuum cleaners is the absence of an electric wire. This does not “tie” to the outlet, allows you to move freely around the room and even clean things that are at an impressive distance, such as chairs and carpets in the car.

As for the shortcomings, this is the time off work. The rechargeable vacuum cleaner should be periodically charged. However, good cordless models can work without recharging for 20 to 50 minutes. And during this time you can do a lot! As for the power, the cordless vacuum cleaners are slightly lower than those of the models operating on the network. This affects the suction force. Reduction in power for cordless models is associated with ensuring a reasonable time for the vacuum cleaner and the period necessary to charge the battery (when choosing such a vacuum cleaner, pay attention to the type of battery: Li-ion is better than NiMh). However, there is a plus in this – the costs of electricity during the operation of such vacuum cleaners are also lower. However, the reduced power on the quality of harvesting practically does not affect. Charger for Cordless vacuum cleaners, as a rule, is its place of “parking”, this vacuum cleaner resembles a home phone.

The power of cordless vacuum cleaners is 850-1100 W.

Summing up: the Armistice Pact

So, both vacuum cleaners working on the network and battery models have their strengths and weaknesses. Vacuum cleaners equipped with a cord are good if you want to do general cleaning in a large room. If the area of coatings that need cleaning is small, you can do with a cordless vacuum cleaner. He will also be an excellent assistant for cleaning the surfaces outside the living quarters. Many consumers come to a compromise: having a wired vacuum cleaner, they also buy a battery – in the case of daily local cleaning.




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