Why does the vacuum cleaner shock?

If the vacuum cleaner beats current – this is no reason to suspect it off a malfunction. Bring it into the service, and there, instead of replacing the part, get a lecture on the topic of friction.

We give it a brief summary.

The device beats current because it accumulates static electricity due to the friction of dust against the walls of the pipe or container. Resistance tells the particles of dust a microcharge, which is added together as accumulation. If you hold a vacuum cleaner, you accumulate a charge with it, so nothing happens. But if you touch it in a “discharged” state, the charge instantly flows to you, causing an “injection”.This is most typical for models with metal and rubber pipes (corrugations). The more powerful the device, the stronger it beats current.But! If the discharge you received was unusually strong or the listed tricks did not help, your fighter with the dust should still be shown to the master.


Often static electricity occurs when the brush rubs against a synthetic or woolen coating.

What should I do if the vacuum cleaner beats current?

  • Reduce the suction power to the minimum required.
  • Moisten dusty surfaces with water from a spray gun.
  • Before cleaning, treat the vacuum cleaner with antistatic: spray the container with the cyclone filter or add an antistatic agent to the water if you clean it with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Lubricate the surface of the corrugated tube with 2-3 drops of essential oil (a method that helps with combing with plastic combs).


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