The microclimate in our house is extremely important for a comfortable and healthy stay in it.

In addition to the temperature regime, the humidity of the air is also important. After all, if it is excessively dry, many people suffer from perspiration in the throat, peeling and drying of the skin, mucus discharge in the nose as a reaction to excessive amounts of dry dust, and many other unpleasant phenomena. Because now many homemakers are thinking about how to moisten the air in the apartment so that this parameter was within the necessary limits.



Theoretical aspects

In addition to the effects mentioned above on human health, over-dried air can adversely affect furniture made of wood. This is known by musicians, when due to drying, sometimes expensive tools are damaged.


Let excessively high humidity also be harmful, but the consequences are not so serious. And you can lower the humidity, airing all the premises of the house. Because it is important to humidify the air in the apartment or a separate room.

Note that normal humidity is considered to be within 40-60%. At the same time, it is extremely important that it be within the specified framework throughout the year. To do this, it is important to understand which aspects of the moisture index depend on.

By negotiating the microclimate of the room, specialists use such basic concepts as air temperature, as well as its relative humidity. The first is the simplest indicator. The second one displays the percentage of moisture in the air. If it is 100%, it just does not evaporate. Humidity is related to the pressure and temperature in the apartment. The lower the temperature, the lower the volume of moisture can be in the air, and the less it is required to reach the dew point (100% humidity). If the temperature rises, more water vapor will be necessary.

This is especially true in the winter months when the air in the room is heated by heating devices, therefore, the humidity drops to the lowest values.

Methods of moistening the air with your own hands

So, we figured out how to moisten the air. It is enough just to evaporate the necessary volume of water in the premises of the house. This will make the air wetter. The ideal solution is the purchase of a humidifier. This is a particular electrical appliance that can moisten the air. However, the acquisition of a humidifier is quite a significant cost. Because you can try to moisten the air with your hands with the help of available tools:


  • So, the simplest method is to place the vessels with water around the rooms of the house. Suitable vases, jugs, etc. When evaporated, water will moisten the air. But this is often not enough;
  • In this case, the following procedure is used. On the battery hang a thick wet towel. Rapidly evaporating from heating, water moistens the air in the winter. The towel is regularly moistened;
  • You can certainly simplify the task – to arrange a convenient vessel with water directly on the battery. As a result, it will be a long time before the water evaporates. Therefore, it will not have to be topped up often. There are a couple of variations of this method.
  • You can install a vessel with water on the floor, and hang a bandage on the battery, descending into the water. The moisture will rise on the bandage fabric, and evaporate on the battery.
  • You can also build a kind of glass from a plastic bottle with a tail, which you hook it to the pipe.
  • You can design the humidifier yourself. For this purpose, the power supply from the old computer, as well as fans and some improvised materials, will suit perfectly. There are a lot of constructions of such devices on the Internet.

Before you moisten the air in the room with all of the above, you can recall one of the simplest and most easy ways – this is airing the rooms of the house.

It is necessary to open windows to the widest possible width at least three times a day. In this case, the duration of one ventilation should not be less than 10 minutes, and better – 15 minutes. Of course, there may be some limitations. In the summer heat, one ventilation is not enough, since the air in the street is dry. But in the winter when the heating is on in the room Danae's technique works perfectly.

Another effective method to moisten the air in the room is to have houseplants.


All of them have a real influence on the microclimate. After all, due to the evaporation of moisture through the leaves, they moisten the air in the apartment. In addition to increasing the humidity, its ionization increases, which is also very important. Also, some plant species are capable of releasing substances that disinfect the air.
It should be listed plants that are capable of giving a lot of moisture: cyperus, fatsia, fern (Nephrolepis), room linden (spermatangia), hibiscus, ficus, dracaena, etc. Also, the fern can destroy harmful substances in the air: xylene, formaldehyde, toluene.

A Few About Humidifiers

Of course, if there is a financial opportunity, the best method to moisten the air in the apartment is to purchase a humidifier. Such devices are of three types:

  • Steam, with an ionizing silver rod;
  • Traditional, driving air through a wet tube;
  • Ultrasonic, purifying water, and then driving it through an ultrasonic membrane.

The traditional apparatus is the simplest. It evaporates particles of cold water in the room. For its use, pour water into the container. Further, the fan drives the collected water through special filter elements. The main advantage of such devices is that they can regulate the evaporation rate themselves depending on the degree of humidity in the room. But in such devices only distilled water is used.


In steam appliances, humidification is carried out through evaporation of hot water. And the temperature of the steam – up to 60 degrees. The working element is a pair of electrodes immersed in a container. Such humidifiers have the function of automatically shutting down when all the water boils off. But such devices are not recommended for families with children, as couples have a high temperature. They can get burned.

Ultrasound models today are the most popular. With their help, you can independently monitor the level of humidity in the house. In such apparatus, water enters a vibrating plate with ultrasound. Thus, it is sprayed onto the smallest particles, moistening the air. Such a humidifier is very economical and has small dimensions.

It is also advisable to use distilled water since from the usual with salts on the furniture there are unpleasant white traces.

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